Knoxville, TN Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Alpine has Raleigh's best ski and snowboard rentals at the best prices! We're here for recommendations, fitting assistance, or technical advice, our experts will ensure that you are well-equipped and ready to have fun on the slopes.
(865) 584-3614

We take reservations for skis and snowboards over the phone.
Must be placed 48 hours in advance - no one day reservations.
Reservations may be capped due to availability.
We take a $10 deposit for each set of skis/snowboard on the reservation.
You will need to provide: Shoe size of everyone in your party - Ability (1st time skier, never, etc) - CC number for deposit.

Rental Equipment Info

Alpine carries a selection of rental equipment across all experience levels.

Shape Entry Ski

Best choice for 1st and beginner skiers. The short length and sidecut make learning easier than ever before.
Ski Sizes: 120, 130, 140
Boot Sizes: 5 - 13

Advantage Ski

Best choice for novice and intermediate skiers. Shape skis promote better turning and carving skills.
Ski Sizes: 150, 160, 170, 180
Boot Sizes: 5 - 13

Ad Plus Demo Skis

Best choice for intermediate to advanced. Advanced selection of skis from the retail wall and hand tuned for each rental.
Ski Sizes: 140, 150, 160, 170, 180
Boot Sizes: 5 - 13


Best choice for beginner and intermediate riders. Burton snowboards are stable and easier to turn for all experience levels.
Board Sizes: 140, 144, 145, 150, 155, 160
Boot Sizes: 5 - 14

Junior Skis

Best choice for young skiers that are light weight. Easy to use skis and step in ski bindings.
Ski Sizes: 80, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140
Boot Sizes: 10 - 4

Junior Snowboard

Best choice for young snowboarders that are light weight. Flexible and easy to turn boards, and easy to operate bindings.
Board Sizes: 110, 115, 120, 126, 136
Boot Sizes: 5 - 14